Kred Deletes Points

I’ve for longer than most supported Kred over Klout. While everyone was addicted to Klout I kept pushing Kred. Heck I even got a free Amazon Kindle fire HD from Kred and Dolby. How could I not support something that is so very transparent. So very transparent that when they remove points it’s just as obvious.

I’ve suspected for sometime now points were being removed from my account. I’ve strived very hard to be 1000. What an honor it would be to have that score ya know? So I started a tracking log.

After their latest update my actions were made public, offline moments that is. Many of my offline moments upset people because I got a large amount of points and by default they now give away low bundles.  As I keep stressing, I was using Kred before it was popular. Someone has to get points, and that person was me. That stirs up jealously especially with my stalker who is on my coat tails everywhere I go and the main reason I wanted the moments hidden. Well I had to contact them and instead of hiding the moments like they use to, they hid my account lol. I quickly and HOPEFULLY took care of that.

Well after noticing 100,000 points being removed from my account and a friend mentioning even over that being removed from hers, I started tracking like a mad woman complete with screen shots.

I discovered first and most importantly that Kred blocked a page from crediting mine and several of my friends accounts. That was the first red flag but last one night/morning was the icing on the cake.

I had 26,499,890 at 10PM EST. Woke up to 26,500,294 8PM EST. Logged into my account to discover at 4AM EST 20,000 points for personal development. At 4AM EST 50,000 points was added for education. Interesting math don’t you think? They had no answer for it and the page is still blocked.

I’m sharing this because I don’t think many would realize the missing points. It’s also a real shame to have to baby-sit your account, as if we don’t have enough to do. After reaching 1000 though I stopped tracking. But if you are as driven as me, you might want to start keeping track of your points. Not that contacting them will lead to the points being put back. But for having the comfort of knowing you are being held back. I hesitated writing this because I worried how it would effect things.

I do realize that they may be working on their database and doing a reset, or update of something. But they aren’t doing proper backups before they do those updates/resets.

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3 Responses to Kred Deletes Points

  1. freebiesteramy says:

    WOOOOO thats comforting,
    I will keep an eye now.

  2. Ariyen says:

    Anyone who is “jealous” or “stalks” you, needs to get a life. I for one like your articles (I’m glad I’ve never tried the Smart sense), such as this one. I don’t think I’ll sign up for kred as I have enough to manage with two survey sites. Although, it would be nice to have a kindle fire… With a traveling husband (during his on season with “boilermakers” (, it makes it hard for me to get or keep a job outside of the home with a 4 year old.

    So, I thank you very much for your hard work and kind articles. 🙂

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