Ipod Adventures Home Button Repair

I’ve been MIA from social media and life for about 2 weeks. The reason is partly because my ipod home button stopped working. (Not a large part, but it certainly caused a problem.)

I did some research and talked to a few geeks who encouraged me to fix it myself. So I attempted to do so. It took gathering the necessary supplies.

A heat gun that had a low setting so I wouldn’t melt it, glue sticks (not my idea) and the ipod tools to take the screen off, and a home button. The glue sticks idea was to melt the missing black dot there to save time. It was a neat idea but sadly didn’t work.

After everything arrived I set up my supplies and took pictures along the way to share a few things that weren’t online anywhere.

First and most importantly I’d like to share something, I feel I was lied to by Apple. See I had to return my ipod back in Nov/Dec when the update of OS6 came out and bricked it. It was so slow it was pointless, and I’m not the only one who had that issue sadly. Well Apple told me point blank that I wasn’t getting a refurbished model it’s 100% new. I thought that was odd, and laughed at the tech. He explained how people asked him if that was the case. Well I know for a fact it was the case because if it was new, how on Earth was there an already stripped screw inside before I even touched it?! Anyway, on to the pictures and my adventure. Note my ipod was already past the 1 year limit by 3 months.

Before my home button stopped working I got this message:


Note it wasn’t even as hot as it is now so I googled what could cause this. One young man mentioned how he had to take the ipod apart, and solder the battery contacts. But right under his step by step directions was a young man who posted about how he had that same picture and a week later his home button stopped working. This worried me, like a worry of “OMG that’s so going to happen.” It stuck in the back of my mind for a while. One day my home button started behaving badly. I had to push harder. I remembered what the guy said and hurried up and enabled under General and Accessibility, AssistiveTouch. It was JUST in time too because the next click was the last!


I got my tools ready:IMG_1014


ribbon button IMG_1015I popped open the screen after heating it and prying it apart. I’d like to point out a few important things. There is a ribbon connector at the top which I put an arrow on. If that is not connected properly you either get a black screen, a white screen or a screen full of lines. Also make note of the arrow pointing to where the black dot is meant to be on the home button.

IMG_1017It’s important after replacing your home button to make sure you put that ribbon down perfectly. I had some problems, it was like the ribbon wasn’t clicking/holding in place.

 IMG_1024  So after I got the home button replaced (See the blackdot in the center of the button where the arrow is point?)  I had to put the sponge that comes on the top of DVD-R spindles inside on top of the ipod ribbon. Note the white cube thing upper right corner.

IMG_1029I put a clothes pin on my ipod and let it set over night to squish it down firmly. I made sure the clip was right on top of the sponge.

IMG_1032In the morning I took the clothes pin clip off and things worked perfectly! I’ve never been so relieved. This would have cost about $100 to have a tech fix. I fixed it for $5. The cost of the tools and home button, and I technically could have fixed it without the tools. But seeing as this is my first apple adventure, it’s worth it. Won’t be long now before family, and friends come to me for MAC repairs like they do PC’s.

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