How to Fix HootSuite API Facebook Error

Have you noticed that your HootSuite hasn’t been posting over to your Facebook, Pages, or Group accounts for a couple days? You aren’t alone! This is something that happens when there is a connection loss between HootSuite and Facebook’s API. This has nothing to do with anything you may have done. There is an easy fix to this as well. Just follow these simple steps, and you will be good to go. Just note that this is likely to happen again so save it for future use. I’ve had it happen to me over and over in just the past two to three weeks. Anything could cause this issue from a Facebook update, to a HootSuite update. There is no warning sadly.

You will need to log into your HootSuite account which can be done so here:

After you have logged in, select the user profile at the top left button. This will take you to all the social networks you have connected to your HootSuite account.

Locate your Facebook profile, group, or page. If you have a Facebook account and other Facebook things added such as pages, or groups, you will have to reset those as well by following these steps again.

After you have located your Facebook profile, click the gear icon to the right. This drops down a menu of several different things such as, Settings, Sync avatar, Transfer to… and Remove. Click on settings.

After you have clicked on settings you are now on the HootSuite permissions page. Simply click on the Connect with Facebook button. A window will pop up, and disappear after it’s finished. Note; you must be logged into your Facebook account for this to take place. Other wise it will ask you to log in.

Instead of starting all over again, simply click on the social network on the left hand side of the same window you are on. Select the other Facebook pages, groups, or accounts you may have. The reason you want to check the others is, you will often find if one account isn’t working, neither are the others.

If you have any further issues with HootSuite or for some odd reason this doesn’t fix your problem, contact HootSuite via their Facebook Fan page. Send a private message along with your email address you use. That way they can quickly remedy any issues you may be having. Note; be sure to click the message button, not the post button on their fan page. You don’t want your email address harvested for spam because you posted it on their fan page.

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  1. Thank you for this. My forehead (and laptop screen) were getting bloody from all that head banging!

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