Virtual Jobs Start Up

Guess we should start with what is a virtual job? Well a virtual job is a job you do at home like being someone’s secretary. There are of course all kinds of other jobs such as selling Mary Kay or Avon, which you can do with just a website.

What some people don’t realize though is doing a virtual job can cost extra money, IE you may have to buy a kit from Mary Kay or a foot peddle off to pause recordings you have to take dictation. You should be made aware of these things before making that commitment.

So make sure you read the fine print before accepting any agreement! These are things that are of course tax write offs. So keep receipts of everything! That’s another thing a lot of people don’t consider. Let’s say you wanted to create a website to sell your own products on and it’s your own website, not supplied by someone else. You have to buy a domain, and pay for hosting. Both of those things can be expensive depending upon where you host it, or purchase it from. Then if you hire someone to create things for you such as logos, or scripts you can’t create yourself that’s another added expense.

Please take your time and do a lot of research before taking a leap you may regret.

Some consider Mystery Shopping a virtual job, we at Annika’s however do not because you are your own staff, employee and do not work from home. You go out shopping.

You can check out the listings here:

Note: As always, we suggest taking your time READING, you’d be surprised the amount of support emails we get from people who didn’t read and can’t be helped because of it.

Tip: Be sure when signing up for anything, you type your email address correctly.

You should never have to pay for work at home job listings when Annika’s is free for all. Also you should never have to PAY to work from home. Materials, yes, job NO.

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