How I View Facebook Fan Page Invites

As a two time business owner and a two time Facebook fan page owner, I have unique insight on this issue. Though lately I’ve been discovered more and more feel exactly the same.

Due to Annika’s being a work at home website I’ve discovered it’s a conflict of interest to become fans of others pages. So many are into scams, or things such as Mary Kay. If I’d become a fan of one, I’d have to become a fan of all other wise this would create drama. Drama which I avoid by unfriending or blocking. Drama is addicting to some, makes them love the attention, I don’t have the strength or time – Drama is Satan’s game.

What others and myself included don’t like is how people who never like, comment, share or even view your timeline never said hello sending us invites. Why would I want to be a fan of someone like that?

Are people that desperate for numbers that it doesn’t matter who that number is? That’s not anyway to keep fans or friends for that matter.

So if you sent me an invite this has been published for you to:

1, share why I can’t become a fan.
2, to educate you on why perhaps others aren’t.

Repeated Facebook fan page invites are dealt with as follows:

First invite, this is shared.
Second invite, unfriend or reminded depends upon my mood.
Third invite, unfriend, and possible block

My personal Facebook page is just that, personal. Can’t be? Don’t be! Unfriend!

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