Pinecone Research Heads Up

Pinecone ResearchJust a heads up, due to someone striving very hard to imitate Pinecone Research emails, Gmail has been sending Pinecone survey email invites to users junk/spam folder. If you haven’t added Karen Scott’s real email address to your filters you may have missed a bundle of paying survey invites. Your survey account with Pinecone Research may be at risk as well.

So please log in, check your spam/junk folder and add a filter so you don’t miss income and products to test.

Upon logging into Pinecone Research’s website you will see any surveys you missed located on the bottom left.

We recommend if by chance you missed several surveys you email Karen Scott to let her know why. This will hopefully help her not kick you from Pinecone. If by chance you are kicked or want to join Pinecone Research you can always find the sign up links located here:

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One Response to Pinecone Research Heads Up

  1. Thank you for the info! Much appreciated and now I understand why I didn’t get Pinecone emails for a few weeks!

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