Baby Monitors Not Just For Baby

Baby monitors aren’t just for babies, children or even the comfort of the parent, but at a certain age they become useful tools for the child of a parent with Alzheimer’s.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as of late. My father has gone increasingly downhill and refuses to see any form of a doctor. He’s melted two tea kettles, forgot where he lives, and repeats himself minutes after sharing the statement. His anger is often times out of control, though I admit it often was as a child. Now he’s even more evil then he was during my abusive childhood. I can cope with the anger for now though. It’s his getting up at 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 AM that I can’t babysit. I’m already drained with my own disorders, anger, pain, and work. I’ve asked my brothers for help and advice and got jokes in return and comments about how they see/hear no difference. That would be because a call maybe once every three months for 15 to 25 minutes OF COURSE YOU’D SEE NO DIFFERENCE! I swear I don’t know why I bother! All I wanted was some help to get him to go to a doctor. If you don’t live with a person you have no idea of how bad they are getting with Alzheimer’s, and to ignore this is foolish!

I decided last night as I heard him go down the steps at 1AM I simply had to do something to keep an eye on him. I came up with hidden baby monitors. I can’t imagine his anger let alone pain and embarrassment that I’ve resorted to the use of baby monitors to keep track of him. To my dismay and shock though, was the price! The last time I checked the prices of such useful tools was no where near $99!

So I guess I’m putting a plea out. If you are willing to donate baby monitors as a product test/review or know of some place I can do that, please contact me ASAP. I can’t stand asking for help, but I have to. I’ve just had a CT and blood work done, and my cash is severely strapped.

I was fighting myself posting this as I kind of feared what my family would do with this posting but you know what I can’t hide that I need help with him regardless of what they may think or do.

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