Fast Food and Family Abuse

All these sick things workers are doing to the food at fast food restaurants disturbs me, and I noticed my reaction is worse than others. It finally dawned on me that the abuse my sister did to me as a child is a huge part of it. It wasn’t until much later in life my brother confessed some of the grotesque things they did to me as a child. One of the things my sister did was butter my bread, then lick the butter off, and rebutter it and the same with crackers. It’s no wonder she ended up well over 400 pounds. Paybacks!

So when you go to fast food restaurants if my own family can do sick mentally deranged crap to me as a child what can strangers do to you?

If companies don’t do more than fire their employees this will never stop. And if the public continues to put up with this and remain silent, it will get worse. We need to speak up, enough is enough! Post on their fan pages, tweet, share on G+.

Disclaimer: I realize once again opening up about her abuse will cause her to abuse me more… that or she will send her kids to do her dirty work as she did in the past. It’s a real shame a simply apology can’t come from a bully.  But at least I can share as part of healing.

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