Swagbucks New App Makes Earning Faster Than Ever!

So in May Swagbucks came up with a new app for Android users. The great thing is the POS tablet I got from NCP can actually run it, the bad thing is, it’s only on Google Play. I managed to get a copy of the app by other means. The only problem with the EntertaiNow app is it doesn’t save your user log in. So you have to type it every time you start up.

Now with the Swagbucks mobile I earn 50 points a day plus 90 points for the EntertaiNow app. At first I thought that the EntertaiNow app takes more babysitting then the mobile app. They did an update and nope it doesn’t! I click TV and let it run. I earn two to three times quicker with the SBTV app verses the EntertaiNow but hey who cares. I can work and do both at the same time (not on the same tablet.)

I always click on TV Spot on the EntertaiNow and Comedy Time on the Swagbucks Mobile TV app as both are the quickest.

UK USA CA AU IRE IE – 100 points equals $1. You can cash out just about anything you think of.  If you’d like to join here’s my link: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Annikas

I’ve seen feedback about the app and laughed…yes it can take hours to earn but it’s free cash who can really complain? It’s not like you are stuck doing ONLY that.  See my screenshot of what I mean about the earnings.


July I did some testing even though they increased how much the EntertaiNow app earns you, I got one $25 PayPal payout and two $5 Amazon gift cards. August will be even more because July part of the month the EntertaiNow app only earned 26 points a day. And part of August the EntertaiNow app was only earning 70!

I start the app as soon as I get up with the bright and sound down. I have discovered that you can get through the videos quickly if you wanted to. I leave it running and yes it takes all day to reach the daily limit. But who really cares? It’s not like you are stuck watching and listening! (I’ve even left the house with it running, slept, mowed the lawn, you name it.) I suspect though admitting this things will change.

Plus something else to think about is, you meet the daily goal almost every day with the two apps. So you end up with a 200+ bonus next month!

TIP: An ice cream sandwich tablet 4.0 Android from Biglots will pay for itself in two months. Just getting a hold of the EntertaNow will be a struggle for you because it doesn’t contain the Google Play Store. But it is possible. I simply can’t link to it here but it is located upon Annika’s. http://www.amylynn.org/home/surveytools EntertaiNow is not located in the Amazon appstore, GetJar, 1Mobile Market, or the SlideMe Market. (Yet.)  It can be downloaded to the Kindle Fire HD if you allow third party downloads.

TIP: You can earn 150 from swagtv through your PC too!

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