Yahoo! Contributor Network Letting You Down?

Yahoo! Contributor Network Letting You Down? You aren’t alone. Yahoo! Contributor Network editors don’t seem to be reading content and simply copying and pasting over unrelated replies. When you report them the staff gets all defensive as though you are the one in the wrong and does nothing about this issue.

What you could do to avoid this and still get your articles through on Yahoo! Contributor Network find an old article you submitted for display only. Hopefully it’s content you don’t mind removing or out of date, because you would need to edit it to the new content and bam, it’s through!

Now you can get the page views and payment you deserve. (That is if you still bother with them.) I found a crafting network that paid $15 per article and been using them.

If you enjoy being paid to write be sure to check out the over 130 companies we managed to locate: Annika’s Paid To Write

If you lose your account with Yahoo! Contributor Network for doing this, I can not be held accountable. This is merely an option you could try if you wanted to.

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