Facebook App Gives You Free Rewards & Amazon Gift Certificates

spThere is this really neat program out there I didn’t share with you earlier after I signed up and used it. I stopped sharing it because of security reasons. You see after joining my friend Rebecca and I noticed the Facebook application was sharing how many Facebook friends we had. This was a huge breach of both of our privacy, and anyone else’s who had that number hidden. On my Facebook I have tighter security because it’s personal. I don’t have family connected to avoid drama, and I don’t allow people to see how many friends I have because it’s no ones business. Facebook for me is meant to be enjoyable.

After discovering the breach of Facebook privacy settings, I contacted the owner/creator Sean Naegeli. Really great guy by the way! He actually listened, not only to me but Rebecca. I ended up using my backup account with the app so I could still take part, and keep an eye on things. I’m sure Sean could have been annoyed with me, but not once did he show it. He was completely respectful the whole two or three months since this started. Gotta respect and love that! The number of friends are now hidden, thus I share this with you!

So what is the program I’m speaking of, and what exactly does it do?

Well it’s called Splashscore and it’s on Facebook. It’s a free application that offers you valuable savings, discounts, and sometimes even $5 FREE Amazon Gift Certificates! http://splashscore.com/home/  Some of the offers you can get anywhere online, but I think that’s why Splashscore does sweepstakes every once in a while.

There is no work required. If you use your Facebook, chances are you have a score that can meet the requirements.

Splashscore has performed Twitter party giveaways too! So be sure to follow them on Twitter @Splashscore be sure to list them too to promote them!

TIPS: Much like Klout, and Kred, Splashscore is more about being tagged. A tagged photo a week will keep your score high enough to claim all the rewards.

Click on your Splashscore to refresh. You want to do this after the photo tags. If your score is already high enough to claim rewards, don’t bother with refreshing.

Splashscore is a BETA app so be patient! Except bugs and most of all, if you have a problem don’t post it in the comments, click the chat now or email them! Nothing is more disappointing, and annoying than to see a bunch of comments from people complaining! “My score hasn’t changed.” I WONDER WHY!!!!!

Don’t complain about your score, do something about it. It is YOUR Facebook account Splashscore goes by. If you don’t post much, engage much, don’t expect much!!

Connect to friends who engage, share, comment, like etc and your score will go up. If you have a bunch of people that don’t bother… what is the point in being connected to them anyway?

There is no referral credit, or MLM scam involved. It’s free to join, use, share, and win. (Sweepstakes, Giveaways often!) I personally know a winner!

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