Survey Savvy SavvyConnect Can Not Be Trusted

Survey Savvy is a great survey company, one of the best actually and longest. I’m always fishy of companies that want you to download and install things while using a proxy so they can track everything you do for cash. But Survey Savvy offered me $50. And since I don’t do any banking or things of that nature I figured why not. They told me in July I would get my payment. July came and that was when I was told,

“After reviewing your participation for the SavvyConnect Mobile beta study it
was determined your participation didn’t met the 3 month requirement. Active
participation was determined by how long the SavvyConnect mobile beta app
remained active within the 3 month period. Thank you for your continued
participation.” Note AFTERWARDS they told me, even though I contacted them before hand asking about tracking. After asking about my payment was I even told how running it on an Android device is why I wasn’t paid. Since when is an Ipad an Android device? I believe they were looking at the wrong account or just pulling excuses out of the air to not pay me. Note you also can’t install things on an Android that are created for an Ipad. It’s two entirely different programs not to mention languages. So there is no way it would install. All this communication took place with a “David”.

Point blank lies to cover them not wanting to pay $50. I use my mobile devices daily. I expected as much because originally, they wanted me to run it on my computer. To the point they were calling me weekly and emailing me as much. Finally after going off on them that I run two businesses and don’t care to put my members’ information at risk did they stop.

If you wish to join Survey savvy you can sign up here:  Just don’t join their Savvy Connect panel, as I don’t feel it can be trusted. Yes some may have actually be accepted and paid, and who knows you may too. But I personally wouldn’t take that risk.

I’ve had no issues being paid by Survey Savvy other wise. $1- $15 per survey is well worth it. Survey Savvy pays by check when you request it.

Update: I was recently contacted by Brian on behalf of SurveySavvy, Savvy Connect
pertaining to this blog entry. He wanted to take the time to explain further why my data wasn’t useful and offer an apology for the miscommunication. He also said they are working hard on better communication with their members. I was encouraged by that, seeing how this went down so very badly.  He not only offered his words, but he was kind enough to offer a call to further explain things. We came to a mutual understanding.

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12 Responses to Survey Savvy SavvyConnect Can Not Be Trusted

  1. so what did the guy from Saavy Connect say????

    • Amy Lynn says:

      The bold print of the word update says: “He wanted to take the time to explain further why my data wasn’t useful and offer an apology for the miscommunication. He also said they are working hard on better communication with their members.”

      • I have had issues with them quite a few times. At the beginning they give you a couple of quesitons to answer and tell you you’ve been approved to take the survey then when you spend your time and complete it they tell you sorry, you did not qaulify.Huh? Really?! I’ve emailed their customer service dept. a couple of times about this to no avail. They have ignored me. I do not trust them at all now and believe they do this as a way to get your participation without paying you! That stinks!

      • NoName Nolastname says:

        A Blast from the past! I have been using Survey Savvy for 4 months now. Have been paid everything I completed. It takes an enormous amount OF PATIENCE and running All your devices every two days. Making sure to check you’re connection daily at their official website……….. Uninstalling and reinstalling is best way to fix glitches…clear old cookie caches.

  2. Mz Mika says:

    Honestly, I have been a savvy survey member for a few years now and have not had any problems. I have had much success here. It is now July 2014 and I have this project downloaded to many devices.Periodically, I have to make sure Savvy is still connected on my mobile – when you lose internet/data connection (we all know there is no carrier that doesn’t have some connection issues)…you must remember to go in and ensure the savvy connection is still up and running. Communication is awesome as well. I stopped filtering data and did not realize it – I received a call from the representative to let me know and to make sure I was aware of the connection.

  3. I actually appreciate your blog post. It’s honest! I’m usually very wary of anything that has to be downloaded… from my past experience, they come with a load of spyware and adware. It was nice of him to contact you to explain further, however a huge part of me believes it’s because you rank #2 on Google for SavvyConnect, which can be really bad PR for them. Hey.. maybe their program is as legit as it gets… but I guess to each their own. I’m still on the wary end!

  4. Karen Porter says:

    I also participated in the Savvy Connect program and was highly disappointed. I had three devices connected and even though they all showed the program was connected, I constantly got emails saying my devices were disabled. I sent numerous emails and made several phone calls, but no emails were ever returned and calls always went to voice mail, with no calls ever returned. Furthermore, as part of the requirements, I was expected to complete three special surveys. I was only sent one. Once again, calls and emails went unanswered. I finally was able to talk with someone (not the person who was supposed to be my contact) and was told that the reason my devices were showing they were disabled was because there were updates that needed to be applied. By this time, the end date for the program had just passed. If someone had returned just one email or phone call, this info could have been relayed weeks ago and I would have updated the app. As to the missing surveys, I was told this was a problem that many people had reported to them. So bottom line, even though the person I spoke with said I was not necessarily not going to get paid, I will be shocked if I do since in their eyes I did not fulfill the requirements. I will not participate again. It was a horrible three months. The app drained my phone battery. If I went to bed with a fully charged phone not on the charger, I would wake up with a completely dead phone. It made my laptop and ipad very slow, often freezing up. Since no one would contact me, I could receive no tech support. I feel like this was a sneaky way to get the info they wanted without ever having to pay, since they can now claim I did not fulfill the requirements.

  5. I have had Savvy Connect installed for about 4 months now. Even though I am not fond of tracking software, they have earned my trust. They disclosed exactly what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. They also made it VERY clear exactly what I would have to do in order to satisfy the requirements and get paid. This included installiing all updates. The couple of times I had questions they were answered promptly. Since I had told them my device type during prequalification, the the link I was given took me to the Android download because , no, the version for an iPad wold not work as they are two different operating systems. They also have a great web page where you can see exactly which devices they show active. I received $62 from them last week. Things may change , but for now s long as I take responsibility for my portion of the agreemet, they have been responsible and fulfilled theirs,

  6. David Dart says:

    My computer is saying the app isn’t installed and it is and on my android phone it is asking for a password for the savvyconnect certificate to be installed?

  7. I don’t trust anything that can see and do so much, too much. Not worth any money to me!

  8. SavvyConnect almost destroyed my Smart phone after I made the mistake with their download. Was suppose to receive $75.00 which was a joke. Spend over 2 hours at AT&T store while they had to master reboot my 8 month old phone. Lost all my pictures & contacts thanks to Savvy.

  9. Tim Scammell says:

    Hi Amy. I installed this SurveySavvy app on my iPhone yesterday. At first the phone wouldn’t let me run it but I contacted SurveySavvy and they sent me instructions to have the certificate trusted and run the app.
    So far so good. Until this morning.
    There is a new VPN on the top of my screen which was never there before. No big deal.
    However, about an hour ago I was in Facebook and tried to follow a link. At first nothing happened. I exited Facebook and reopened it and was able to get the links again, but slowly.
    I opened Safari and wanted to go to the Costco Canada site.
    No way. It won’t let me. Don’t have permission to access it from this server! What??
    Have I done something irreparable?
    I just sent SurveySavvy an email about this.

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