Strange Guest Bloggers

I recently added a section for guest bloggers because I’ve had some inquiries and also thought it would be a good way to help others with their Klout scores. Offering another page to add to their profile in the hopes to increase their score.

Well the strange thing is after I did this I got two exact contacts through my voiceover page from someone claiming to be two different people.

Ginger Wilson – and Dante Smith –


Hi Admin,
My name is Dante, and I am a freelance writer looking to widen my exposure.
I liked your blog, especially your post here:
I am just curious as to whether you write all your posts, and if you were accepting outside story contributions too at this point?
If you are, then I’d love to contribute stories to your site. Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’d be happy to discuss my ideas with you.

Thanks again,
Dante Smith

A Few Samples
—Links removed—

Now as you can see this person clearly has no idea what a blog is nor what a website is. The address they contacted me through and posted above is my VOICE OVERS website. It has nothing to do with ‘stories or a blog’.

Horrible first impressions! So if you get contacted by either of these people, don’t bother to waste your time. They are the same person and a completely clueless person at that! When I wrote back telling them to stop pretending to be two different people when I can clearly see IP’s/computers/browsers used when using the form, and explained that they must be talking about THIS HERE not my voice overs… I got yet another stupid response of them wanting to still write on my voice over website. If they can’t read they sure can’t write!

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