Work at Home

Annika’s is a work at home website. That means anyone wishing to earn an income while working at home should check out the over 3000 opportunities. From freelancers, mystery shopping, surveyists, focus groups, beta testing, artisan, paid to write, paid to drive OMG you name it we have it! LOL. It however does not mean we do the work for you.

You’d be surprised the amount of support emails we get from people wanting us to hold their hand or offer direct one on one walk throughs. Step by step guides even though we have them on Annika’s!

These people instead of taking time to read, will contact us. This is a disturbing trend that we believe is growing! Let’s take Victoria Dunn for example. She contacted us directly to tell us to email her when we post things on the fan page and website. (This would be daily!) I emailed her asking what makes her anymore special then any other member of Annika’s. This sent her off in threatening me! Seriously? If you have to cyberbully and abuse people, you too belong in therapy! Evil will always try to sidetrack you from the path you are on. Deal with it quickly and move on.

So if you are hunting work at home, remember the work part is YOURS.

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