How SocialMoms Pays

smMany of my friends, myself included wondered how Social Moms pays. Well I’ve been having all sorts of problems with them, my account got removed after cash out and won a prize. So I’ve been kind of keeping a close eye on things. It’s a good thing I did because I discovered I wasn’t being credited for the tweets in the weekly newsletter. For I have no idea how long! I ended up being told to delete my old and create a new. I hope it’s fixed. I should know this week.

Points add up fast with SocialMoms, so try to do everything they share in their newsletter. From liking a page, posting a tweet, repining a picture. Each item lists how much they are to credit you for. BUT here’s what you may not know. Directly from Social Mom’s support:

Points explained and how Socialmoms pays:

You can only get 100 points once on each article. 
You can only get points one time per pin on pinterest. 
You can get new points every week for tweeting new messages for the same brands. 
You can only get points for following or liking a brand once.
Old newsletters are void once the new one is sent out.

Rewards page:

Socialmooms pays via 8000 points is $40 PayPal Payment or 9000 for a Spa & Wellness eGift Card.

You have a chance at prizes when you tweet, and points. So it’s a double blessing to take part in this great network.

The strange thing is about Social Moms is you have to have two accounts, ONE with and ONE with

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