Youth Panels – Children Earning Money Online

Did you know your child from about ages six to seventeen are needed to do paying surveys? It’s true. Annika’s even lists a company that works hand and hand with Nickelodeon! All ages are welcome even parents with newborns!

I was recently speaking to an outsider of Market Research, and she felt that this was something parents wouldn’t be interested in doing. I found this not only odd but a bit offensive considering I didn’t feel that way. Heck many of my friends and family don’t either. My best friend was able to beta test a Wii game thanks to one of the companies Annika’s has listed.

This not only gives your child the chance to be responsible, but rewards them for being so. I think now more than ever parents need to teach their kids about finances.

I’ve received such support emails of thanks for helping them be able to pay for their kids college books, clothing, or savings for college. Sometimes kids even have a chance to win prizes like ipads!  

Nine pages full of surveys for your teen, child, kid –

NOTICE: Many surveys require supervision. So if you are a parent who doesn’t have time to supervise your child, they wouldn’t be able to complete the market research. This isn’t about placing your kid in front of a monitor as a babysitter. This is about bonding with your child in another way.

I wrote this because I contacted the founder of a kind of kid safe program who admitted to not getting past the first page of Annika’s when we inquired about their business. Most disappointing the lack of proper communication we received during that time period. We had hoped to not only promote her company/website but at the same time help parents in need. Annika’s is the only legitimate paid survey database listing on the internet where you can sign your kids up with such companies at Nickelodeon, Disney, Nick Jr, and Nintendo to product test and be paid! All age groups are wanted even needed. Often times parents are needed for diaper tests from Huggies, Pampers and toys from Play first. It would be crazy to ignore this kind of free income not to mention beta toys!

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