Changes and Confirmations

changeIt’s funny how you can make a change in your life for the better and not tell anyone. Not speak it at all, and then suddenly be attacked out of the blue for things so far in your past you have forgotten about them. Things that were twisted to be something they weren’t.

An example of this is, I’ve made a change which I’m still not sharing. I started the large steps of it last night. I woke up this morning to an attack on Twitter from one person who keeps changing their name, and photo. It’s the same attack over and over, again and again. The person twisted my words pertaining to product tests and selling those products. Example, if you got a printer to product test and you are permitted to sell, you sell it. As you may already have a better model. Now, I made it very clear when I mentioned this that you must read the terms. Some companies do not allow you to do this, others do. This person who clearly has issues beyond the obvious, can’t let this go. They seem to think I’m speaking about things like shampoo etc. Who would sell USED shampoos? Seriously? This really is a childish issue that needs to be dropped and has grown to the point of cyberbullying. They took my tweets to companies and put their raving lunatical messages in with them.

This is ONE confirmation I’m on the right path with the change in my life. I’ve learned you need three confirmations to confirm you have made the right change. Thank you God for your guidance even in those who mean me harm.

May your changes have confirmations, so you too know you’ve made the right choice.

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