Annika’s Made 2000 Surveys!!!

I’m so excited and blessed to share this wonderful news with you! I meant to do it sooner but had to push other work aside to do this. Now that I’m partially caught up, I can share the news!

It seems like a lifetime ago when I created Annika’s and was over the moon about having 300 paying surveys listed. Now, 2000!! Who would think there are so many survey panels out there? Well there are actually more, and we will eventually find them! So much more!! We strive each and every day to bring you the largest FREE most trusted income earning database online!

Annika’s asks nothing from you, not even your name. We don’t only list focus groups, surveys, and product testing that earns us for your signing up. Annika’s lists it ALL!

Your letters of support and encouragement, not to mention those who have supported us from behind the scenes with prayer and donations… Thank you!! This is the path God has put me on, and though I have struggled from time to time, I keep on. I do not let my mental illnesses hold me back, but there are days when my health issues try. Some days the pain is so unbearable, but I push through, knowing that no matter how much pain I am in, there are others who need the assistance we provide to have meals on their tables and food in their bellies. We have even received emails where people admitted they could now afford their medications. I cry both in sadness and joy. Sadness that this is how things have become, but joy that there is proof Annika’s makes a difference.

As Annika’s turns another year older, I’d like to say thank you for being a part of it all. We are all learning and growing together. I’m always excited to upgrade Annika’s and hope you are too.

Thank you God and thank YOU!

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