Klout Removed The Ability To Block Users

I was really disappointed after deleting and recreating my Klout account for my score to jump, only to discover that they removed the ability to block users. Klout’s app use to carry over everyone you blocked on Twitter. They claim that the ability to block users has been deprecated.

I don’t know if you ever ran into anyone who started drama over giving a person a +K and not giving it back but I have! I once received a nasty DM by an AmieePilz who basically threatened me, then went mental when I told her to keep her nasty DM’s off my Twitter. (We both deleted the tweets then applied the trusty block button.) Her Twitter profile goes on about how much she loves everyone…. As they say, beware of those proclaiming love to everyone.

It was at that point I realized how truly pathetic people can be pertaining to pointless things. She is not the only one who has done this, and I doubt will be the last. But the point is, if someone can get nasty about Klout there clearly needs to be a block. I don’t want her or any of the others who can’t understand that Klout is messed up and doesn’t show correctly 100% of the time who gives what and when. I don’t want nor need that kind of childish drama in my life. I refuse to put in my profile too, to only give one at a time. If people can’t figure that out by now then so be it. There are many I’ve seen who have put that in there, and by now I would like to believe people are educated on how Klout works, or rather doesn’t.

I don’t live my life by Klout. The perks use to be wonderful and plentiful. I felt at one time that I simply had to exchange Klout. But as I got sicker, and work piled up, it became a thing of the past. I give when I feel like it, and yes I realize sometimes I’m unable to return 100% of what I get. Have I been blacklisted or argued with about it? No. And I’d like to think it will stay that way, but I can’t hold my breath. Most people by now have finally realized it’s simply not worth it!

I do hope Klout sees that this is more of a security issue than a privacy issue and reinstates the blocking of users.

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