FREE – FirstEnergy Energy Conservation Kit Program

I’m always looking for a really good freebie, but this one just blew me away. If you are a customer of First Energy, you need to claim your kit today! You can see by the photo there is a lot of valuable stuff.

Ohio residential customers of The Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison and Toledo Edison are now eligible to receive an energy conservation kit. You will not be charged separately for this kit. The kit includes nine compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), a smart strip/surge protector, a furnace filter whistle, and two LED night lights.

What impressed me the most about the FirstEnergy Conservation kit was the surge protector. I badly needed one. I’m very paranoid about my electronics. The showerhead is awesome too. Much stronger than the one I was using and with different settings, I’m very pleased. 

I did have to return the surge protector though as it was bad. Be sure to check yours closely. Appearances was nothing, it was the sound of surging that concerned me.


 Order your First Energy Energy Conservation Kit here:

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