Guest Bloggers Welcome

If you would like to be a Guest Blogger I’d love to have you. Guest bloggers get to include a link to their own blog.

Topics can be about anything, would just need to know if we need to create a category we may not already have listed.  Example Parents/Parenting, Moms, etc. We prefer blogs to be educational is some way shape or form. Just posting for the sake of posting isn’t what this blog is about. Also nothing fully self promotional, but if it’s a program we aren’t a part of by all means include your referral link! We don’t mind so much if your blog is about something we write nothing about like nutrition or pets but if it’s along the same lines it becomes a conflict of interest.

This is a good way to help your Klout score as once it’s indexed you can go to and tag yourself! So if you don’t have a webpage, LinkedIn account etc this will really be a boost to you.

Please note in our disclaimer, you are responsible for your own content. Our disclaimers, copyright, terms of service, disclosure doesn’t cover your content. So be sure your blog does and state so in your posting. Thank you!

Also note we have no control over the spam ads automatically loaded by Word Press.

If you wish to be a Guest Blogger for free, meaning we do not pay you, please reply to this posting. Do not use Amy Lynn’s Voice Overs contact page, or Annika’s contact page.  If you wish to be paid to write & blog, check out

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