Review: Ultimate Chicken Helper Orange Chicken & Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki

I was blessed to receive Ultimate Chicken Helper Orange Chicken & Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki from the MyInSite MyGetTogether Hamburger Helper Community to test and review.


Previously the boxes we received were products already out on the shelves (which I previously shared I was a bit disappointed, and confused.) These two flavors Orange Chicken & Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki aren’t even listed on the website!! This made me feel very special, finally a part of the community! Our feedback matters!

We first tested the Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki of Chicken Helper. It was okay, smelled more flavor than it tasted. The Chicken Helper Orange Chicken was perfect!!  I thought it was interesting though how both smelled EXACTLY the same!

The directions were easy to follow and perfectly laid out! I was upset previously about how they had two languages on the boxes thus causing the font to be so tiny I couldn’t even read it. I understand the need for it, but this is America. You shouldn’t have to press one for English and we certainly shouldn’t have to put up with not being able to read our own every day product directions! Thank you Hamburger Helper for listening and making that change!

I was however shocked to see the rice took 20 minutes to cook. I also freely admit I almost trashed it and used my instant. Partly because 1, it’s microwavable, and 2 it didn’t take another pan. But I stuck with it, it was after all a product test lol.

I’ll someday be purchasing the Chicken Helper Orange Chicken again, but I doubt I’ll use the rice that comes with it.

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