Kred Rewards

kredKred rewards means free things! Have you claimed your rewards today? If you use social media you need to sign up. Right now there are several rewards to claim.

Be sure to connect both your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Kred so you have a high enough score to claim your rewards.

For the main rewards site, you will need to log in via Twitter.

This reward that is still there for over 3000 to claim is (Note you only get 1 bandana and dog food.):


Receive a sample of our new Purina® Dog Chow® Light & Healthy – a no-sacrifices option to help maintain a dog’s ideal weight, without giving up portion size or taste. Purina® Dog Chow® Light & Healthy has 22% fewer calories and less fat than its counterpart.* The new formula is steam cooked, featuring a unique, tender and crunchy kibble blend with real chicken for a taste and texture dogs love. 

The sample contains a coupon on the back. Also included is a festive dog bandana for your pet to sport while on-the-go! 

*Purina® Dog Chow® Complete and Balanced

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