Charity on LinkedIn

charityI finally had my first email charity case on LinkedIn. What do I mean by this? Instead of the person using LinkedIn to connect, network, apply for jobs, search for jobs, the person came asking for money. At first I was outraged. I mean isn’t there enough beggers in email and any street corner? Now I have to put up with it on a website that’s meant to be for professionals. Don’t get me wrong, I know times are really hard right now, and it’s hard to ask for help, so I should admire that. But there are places and times to do so.

My anger quickly, and I mean quickly faded. (I’ve never had my anger ever fade quickly so this was a shock.) Instead of putting the person in their place for asking such a thing, I merely said yes I could help, and gave him Annika’s website link. It felt great, that now when people come asking, I do indeed have charity to offer and technically anyone else does too! And it’s not the type of charity that feeds a man for a day but a lifetime.

Annika’s lists ways to find computers free, printers, access to them as well. Everything anyone would ever need to make ends meet is listed! And what a relief and a blessing it is to so many.

Finally Annika’s has become a complete platform to help those in need.

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