Freebie Programs Not To Be Missed

Most everyone knows about VocalPoint, but they don’t know about their sister sites, and you should!  I’m certain we all know someone who could and should be a part of them.  – Gives you such things as coupons for full free size items, samples and other things. You must log in to claim and the website is painfully slow! See an item sent to me some time ago.

100_1552  – Specifically designed to be proud you are black as it’s beautiful! Coupons, samples and so much more. See a bit of the welcome kit below (A mirror and a pen, coupons and a poster was sent as well.)
IMG_1321  – Specifically designed for Latino’s. Orgullosa means Proud. Known to throw Houseparties! See one of the collection of items sent for a Houseparty. You must log in and claim the freebies just as with Vocal Point. This website is being abused by freebie websites sharing how to translate to claim.

Be sure to share these with your friends, who couldn’t use free items and coupons!? All these websites are brought to you by P&G. – For young girls. Freebies, samples and coupons as well. – Not open yet but is for teens. Freebies, samples and coupons as well.

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