Offers of Help

If you are going to offer help, then not provide it that’s entirely up to you. But if you are trying to punish me by not providing it, you aren’t. Instead you are punishing all those who use Annika’s and are blessed by Annika’s. So please think twice before making such a large mistake. It’s not about me, it’s the bigger picture. I may not like everyone Annika’s helps. I don’t care that I may be blessing an enemy, it’s not even about that. It’s about paying it forward. Putting good out in the world, when there is so very little.

I appreciate all the offers of help, it would just be a blessing to so many if the persons offering to help followed through. I believe in Karma though, if you put bad out, you will get bad back. So I’d like to personally say to those who hold back, when your time comes, you will be reminded of what you did and I forgive you for it. I just hope everyone who is trying to make ends meet off Annika’s can do so too. It’s a chain of events.

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