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Now, having the circle sharing option available, you will find yourself very fast reaching the limit of having 5000 people in your circles. So Circle Maintainance comes more and more important.  Available is a chrome extension called CircloscopePremium+ which helps you to find and remove inactive people from your Google+ circles. And best of all, it’s FREE!

Why do you need it?
Google+ lets you add a maximum of 5000 people to your circles. Nevertheless, not all of the people in your circles are active. Therefore, you end up having lots of inactive people in your circles which count towards the quota.

What does CircloscopePremium+ do?
CircloscopePremium+ is a google chrome extension that lets you easily uncircle (that is, remove) inactive people from all your Google+ circles so that you can add more people to your circles later without reaching the 5000 limit.
If you don’t like the idea of removing people in your circles, you can still use this tool to find those inactive people without removing them.

Who are inactive people?
Inactive people are those people in your circles who have not shared anything (for example: original posts, reshares, private posts, public posts, hangouts, profile photo changes) with you. Having at least 1 of these activities (no matter how far in the past) means that person is “active”. Having none of these activities at all means that person is “inactive”.

CircloscopePremium+ :
Step 1: it collects a listing of people you’ve added to your circles.
Step 2: it checks the activity of these people.
Step 3: it shows you inactive people and lets you select which ones to remove.
Step 4: it removes selected inactive people upon your command. (if you paid for it, however you can just click on their name and a new window opens and you can remove them.)

This extension is in no way supported by Google and I personally take no responsibility for any problems (or benefits) it may cause.

If you don’t wish to pay for it follow these steps then click on the persons name (wait for page to load) and then remove from your circle.

Find and remove all (or some of) inactive people in all your circles…
Filters > Reset > All
Filters > Relationship > In Circles (One/Two-way)
Filters > Selected > Select All Filtered (or some of them)
Load > Data > Activities
Filters > Selected > Unselect All Filtered
Filters > Inactivity > (Set Min #Days to 30 to find those inactive in the last 30 days)

Ones with No Date are not placed in the inactive – You must remove those manually.

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