Hits4Pay & DealsNCash

Paid to read emails sounds like a joke, I know I’ve been there done that. It’s really hit and miss. I found some really great ones, earn a couple hundred in a month and wham the site is dead. I’ve gotten use to enjoying the ride while it lasts because it usually doesn’t last long enough.

Well Hits4pay and Dealsncash isn’t like any other PTR (paid to read) program out there. I’ve dealt with their support more times than I care to count, and Martha knows my voice right away. The reason is since I’ve been a member, Dealsncash and Hits4pay will make you sit through a full minute ad and then tell you it’s expired. Instead of telling you first! I got to the point I was done with this abuse. Yes I’ve been paid, yes they do pay. But they also abuse their members. So I have a request to help expedite this.

When you come across an ad that’s expired do not delete it, save it and contact support ASAP quote the subject line of the ad. They claim they need their tech to look at these ads. I figure the more support tickets they have on this issue the better. Clearly they need all the help they can get. So once and for all it can be properly fixed. You can call Martha here: (845) 383 1275 Press option 2, or http://dealsncash.zendesk.com/ or notifications-support@dealsncash.zendesk.com

Dealsncash and Hits4pay will pay $25 a month via PayPal when you reach it. I really do love how quickly the cash ads up, it would just be nice to have it add up for all of us. I suggest logging in as soon as you get up and doing the ads, that way you shouldn’t encounter any expired ads, but again if you do contact their support ASAP and do not delete the ad!

If you aren’t a member you can join here:




  • As soon as you get up, log in you are less likely to encounter expired ads.
  • Right click the ad and open in a new tab.
  • Join both, so you will be paid by one at least monthly.
  • Randomly switch your 15 choices, and be sure to pick the full 15. The more you tick the more ads you get.
  • Have virus protection and ad blocking software. (both are free and on Annika’s.)
  • Note 99% of ads sent through Hits4pay and Dealsncash are scams. If you sign up for anything, you better have your back covered!
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