Get the Most From Stouffer’s Dinner Club

Firstly, sign up here: It’s free! After you have signed up, start entering your codes from the Stouffer’s meals you buy and doing the surveys they have every month.

Now, the most important factor like with any other company that offers redemptions for points, consider the cost!

Here’s a fresh screenshot of what Stouffer’s Dinner Club offers their members to redeem for. stouffers

Look very closely at the cost of points verses the items offered for redemption. Example the Silicone Spatula Set, which you can get at the dollar tree is 975 points. A $15 Target gift card 1850, Amazon $25 gift card 2500 and 1 Stouffer’s meal 500 points. A Stouffer’s meal depending upon store sales anywhere from $2.99 to $3.99.  I don’t know about your store and Sunday paper but both of mine ALWAYS have Stouffer’s coupons in it. So they are even cheaper. I don’t think the Stouffer’s meal is the best deal out of this bunch. Nor the “free” magazines you can get for 200-300 points from RecycleBank.

That’s something else you need to consider. What is the better value from other rewards accounts you belong to. There are unlimited free Recyclebank points use those for magazines, it takes ages to gain Stouffer’s Dinner Club points, so use them wisely.

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