Wake Up To The New Year Review – Love With Food

The sun is chining, a weight is lifted off your shoulders… ahh it’s a New Year!


Wake up to the new year Love with Food box came with the following:

Pretzo Change – O and Original Milk Chocolate Squares from Jer’s Chocolates. – Pretty good, not too sweet or salty.

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Home Free. – Reminds me of the McDonald’s cookies I use to get as a child.

Superfood Chews from Lovely Candies. – Enjoyed them as they were like a milkshake in candy form.

Columbia Supreme from Caffe Borsa. – Pretty rich.

Orange Fruit Bar from Oskri. – Really good!

Organic Berry Berry Granola Bar from Annie’s Homegrown. – Filling

Lightly Salted Almonds from Blue Diamond Almonds. – Have had these before of course. Filling and enjoyable.

Multi-GrainSea Salt Skinny Sticks from Hi I’m Skinny. – Really good, reminded me of Funions.

Bonus – Organicasaurus Cheddar Cheese corn snacks. – Perfect!

The Love with Food boxes are excellent for a quick snack on any given day! Don’t forget that with each box you get, you are donating a meal to feed a hungry child in the U.S.

You can sign up for a box yourself here: https://lovewithfood.com/?ref=C7Z

The VIP box last month came with a tote! And I LOVE totes!!



Reminder: You can join programs like this via Annika’s paid to write section.

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