The Wash Board Community Changes Badly!

The Wash Board Community brought to you by Viewpoint Forum is a little over a year old. When it started it was AWESOME!! Two dollars per topic posted by the admin, $45 per chat, two dollars per blog, and two dollars per survey.

Sadly now the Wash Board Community has been taken over and changed badly. They now pay in points that do not convert into any real amount of cash. It takes 1500 points to cash out for $15. Two months in now, I have yet to reach that! I was earning $67-$80 a month! New topics aren’t being posted, no paid chats, and projects that are completely worthless! A chance to win? Seriously? That does not pay my bills!

It’s clear this community is brought to you by either Walmart or P&G so there is money behind it. Why we are being ripped off now I have no real idea. But I don’t think it’s fair to any of it’s users.

It took me pinning “Abby” down to get her to admit that cash out via PayPal or Amazon was indeed $15.

There is no excuse for this massive change. Topics now earn 50 points (if that), that’s not what it use to be. If you are a part of this community, I hope this has informed you of the massive change that has taken place. Feel free to contact Abby and express your thoughts on this too. Perhaps they will change things or at least post things that we can actually earn.

Things were perfectly fine before the bad change, but the community had to backlash about wanting to see what they were earning. Because they opened their mouth, this appears to be our punishment. Note, I was not a part of that battle. I had already wrote the admin for payment explanations, something that should have been posted or at least addressed before this nightmare. Sadly another reason why you should always go to the admin in private before you take it public with the group. This isn’t the first time I’ve stood back and watched the gang attack an admin about payment and change things eventually closing up. This is also why I jump on things so quickly. There always has to be one who ruins it for everyone. These are the same people who ruined Crowdtap and if they had their way they would ruin SBKC too.

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