Annika’s Newsletter Explained

Recently someone signed up for Annika’s newsletter then proceeded to send abusive emails about removing himself. Annika’s newsletter contains directions at the bottom of every newsletter. Annika’s doesn’t sign up users manually for any reason due to legal issues. And Annika’s doesn’t manually remove users unless it’s extenuating circumstances, and even then we require a great deal of proof. It’s all automated. Annika’s newsletter script removes users on its own when emails bounce back to it three times.

This person proceeded to accuse Annika’s newsletter of stealing information on the email during the removal process. Annika’s newsletter removal process doesn’t even touch any humanoids mailbox. It’s 100% between the person who wishes to remove themselves, and the automated script. It’s secure and private so long of course as it is on the users side.

I thought I’d write this to educate those who so believe something I can’t understand or figure out. But there is nothing we want from any email owner.  Please also note that any email you send out to anyone contains the exact information you would provide to the automated newsletter removal process.

The only time a human is involved in Annika’s newsletter is the sign up process. We confirm that the email signing up is the email it comes from. Many times users will try to sign up with another email address than what they have or really use. This causes massive problems during the removal process. Therefore Annika’s requires the proper process of newsletter sign up. Headers must match email addresses.

We hope this clears the air and any further issues that may arise. You can sign up here:

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