Review: Chicken Helper Bold Spicy Chipotle & Crispy Cheddar Bacon

I was blessed to receive Chicken Helper Bold Spicy Chipotle & Crispy Cheddar Bacon from the MyInSite MyGetTogether Hamburger Helper Community to test and review. I started with the Bold, as we love spicy foods. I didn’t realize before making it, that it required milk. I thought that was odd and unexpected. Well our milk was expired. So I used water, which I admit I have used in the past but not for product tests. I do believe using the water instead of the milk made it even more spicy, because milk usually takes away from that. The water made it flaming hot!! LOL So I guess you could consider that a tip if you want your Bold Helper to be really bold! We loved it!

The Crispy Cheddar Bacon was really interesting. Great for a twist on something new to eat.  I also love that this Chicken Helper comes with a side dish. All you have to do is make a can of corn, beets or whatever veggie you love for a well rounded meal! I love that Chicken Helper is now doing nuggets.

I am certainly looking forward to many more bold creations!


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