Viewpoint Forum Invites – Limited Time!!

Annika’s has Viewpoint Forum invites for a very limited time. Viewpoint Forum is one of the best survey panels and the hardest to get into. Unlike Pinecone Research that’s open for over 8 years straight… Viewpoint Forum Survey Panel is only opened maybe once a year or once every two years. The reason for that is VPF sends product tests, holds communities that pay by check and more!

I’ve loved Viewpoint Forum with a passion. Sadly they are USA only. If you join, don’t ignore their surveys! You may regret it, I fully know. Some may seem long and boring but trust me I have never been disappointed. I’m always getting loads of points, which convert into a payment via check. And I’m always getting products to test! Fill in your profiles, don’t forget pets, and kids.

In my humble opinion, Pinecone Research doesn’t hold a candle to Viewpoint Forum. Viewpoint Forum has lead to places like the washboard community, which has paid me up to $80 a month for posting replies to topics, doing surveys and even paid chats. Sadly though the community changed and payout is nearly impossible. But that’s okay because Viewpoint Forum has many other opportunities to earn cash!

So if you would like an invite head over to Annika’s and send us a request!

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2 Responses to Viewpoint Forum Invites – Limited Time!!

  1. freebiesteramy says:

    Hi Amy
    Can I get an invite plz.

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