Dangers of Product Testing for Pinecone Research

You’d think Pinecone Research wouldn’t have any problems as they are meant to be the best. Well I have a few nightmares from Pinecone Research. Like the one time PC had me product test of a pizza. The directions on the back was to place it on the rack without a pan under it. Well it was so cheaply made that it fell through the rails and the house ended up being smoke filled. I called Karen Scott right away to share. She was less than pleased to say the least. She seemed very bothered I called.

A while back, Pinecone Research sent me expired water to product test. I took photos and called the company that created the product to see if indeed it was expired. The bottled fruit water was indeed was expired! (I admit I drank it before I noticed the date.) About four hours of my call to the company, Pinecone Research emailed me informing me to return the product. They didn’t send the product for me to test again nor did they say anything about it being expired. I noticed several other users posting asking questions about the water being expired and what to do about it.

I’m sharing this because it’s not all fun and games when you are a product tester. There are risks. Risks of bad products, expired products, bad directions, bad skin reactions, you name it.

Note: You are meant to not to disclose the brand names of the products you test for Pinecone Research possibly for this very reason.

You can sign up for Pinecone Research CA, USA, UK, DE, JP, FR., IT located here: http://www.amylynn.org/home/pinecone

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