Disturbing Trend in New Movies

I own over 900 DVD’s and have Amazon Prime. Our DVD player is playing something daily. We have noticed a disturbing trend going on in new films and I’m not sure why the focus groups aren’t pointing this issue out. Added to the fact why the directors don’t even notice.

You simply can not use a fancy WHITE font text and expect your viewers to be able to read it. 90% of the background of where the text appears is white. Tell me, can you read white on white? Sometimes the text is very important to be able to follow the storyline. Such as history, or locations let alone dates.

This sort of trend stops viewers from going to theaters because what is the point? You have to get it on DVD and pause it so you can read it.

I have often thought about taking a screenshot of this and pinning it, but can’t be bothered (right now, may later). It’s easier and quicker to blog, and see how many others share the same thoughts. Perhaps word will spread and they will use something like yellow Arial font which is simple and readable the next time they need to place text in a film.

I know many films do focus groups to see the results. My Best Friends wedding even talks about their focus groups in the specials. They discovered they had to redo the ending of their film because of it. I can only be lead to believe that people either aren’t bothered to mention that they couldn’t read the text or completely forgot about it. Most of the Bond films have white text on white background when showing locations of things. I hope this changes, or at least someone important speaks up.

Can you read this? Can you read the sentence before this? It’s a question.

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