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Sounds like a scam doesn’t it? Yep I thought so too. But seeing as I’ve been a part of it for over 5 years now, I can prove it’s not. I earn anywhere from $40 to $60 a month sending in junk mail and email. And I’ve helped one of my staff members, my best friend and cousin all earn around $20 to $40 a month. Depending on how driven they are during that month.

SBKC AKA Small Business Knowledge Center is the name of the company. Ask yourself, Are Your Mailbox and Email Inbox filled with Solicitations and Junk Mail? You’re invited to participate in a long-term Market Research Study of Direct Mail and Email Marketing received by consumers. In other words, we want to compensate you for sending us all of the direct mail and email you might normally just throw away!

SBKC also now is seeking people from Canada. (Be sure to be signed up with the email address you want the invite to go to.)

pngSBKC now pays via VISA Gift Cards that will be sent to your mailing address once a month. They are not re-loadable cards, and the website is written on the back to track your balance.

Your Personal Information is Safe!

As a member of the BBB, for the last 5 years, and with an “A” rating SBKC has earned a reputation for safety and security. All you information including name, phone number, account numbers etc. are removed (digitally) prior to making the information available to our researchers. 99% of the materials you send us are recycled and disposed of in a safe manner (similar to that of a law office or bank) or if you so choose can ask to have your mail returned–just put a post-it or something that signifies that you want it returned and we’ll send it back– Rest assured that the personal information is safe with us, we’ll stake our reputation on it.

SKBC pays for the following items:

Health Insurance
– Accident, Disability, Dental,
Life Insurance
– Term Life, Survivorship,
Accidental Death
– IRAs, 401(k), Mutual Funds
Auto/Property Insurance
– Homeowner’s, Renters
– Auto, Mortgage, Home Equity
Banking/Credit Cards
– Checking/Savings
– Cell phone, TV/Cable, Internet

(Types listed are limited examples, other types accepted)

Types of Companies we collect mail from:

Health Insurance Carriers
– Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield
Life Insurance Carriers
– MetLife, American General
Annuity/Investment Carriers
– John Hancock, Merrill Lynch
Auto/Property Carriers
– Allstate, GEICO, Nationwide
Banking/Credit Card Companies
– Chase, Bank of America
Telecommunication Companies
– AT&T, Comcast, Verizon
Miscellaneous Companies
– AAA, AARP, GMAC, Fingerhut
(Companies listed are limited examples, other companies accepted)


– Explanation of Benefits
– Benefit Guides
– Brochures
– Newsletters
– Summary of Benefits
– Postcards
– Solicitations
– Statements
– Claims
– Member/Account
– Information Packets
– Welcome Kits

Travel & Leisure
Any communications from:
Airlines (Ex: JetBlue, American Airlines, Southwest)
Car Rental Services (Ex: Hertz, Enterprise, Avis)
Hotel or Hotel Group (Ex: Starwood, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriot, Hyatt)
Cruise Lines (Ex: Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line)

Solar Power, Gas, Electric, Green Energy.

We are especially interested in communications related to rewards programs you belong to. Via credit card, store card, or rewards cards such as Rite Aid.

Please only send direct mail and emails that are directly from these service providers, not third parties (i.e. travel agencies or brokers).

Any communications from pharmaceutical companies (Ex: Pfizer). Our_Research_File_Types.pdf

As you can see the list is extensive. I have a excel doc of over 450 links that Pat, my best friend, my cousin, and I all signed up for to insure our month earning status. Anywhere from $20-$60 a month. If you would be interested in this, please contact me for a PayPal payment of $25. I update it often with new links so by the time you purchase it the list may be larger. As SBKC keeps expanding, example most recently they added solar power, energy, and gas, so those too have been added to the list. Most of the things in the excel doc are for email, but emails are often times worth 100 points each. If you sign up for everything, you WILL earn a $20 gift card a month, and have points for next month.

TIPS: When you decide to join I highly recommend getting a brand new email address, and using that email address ONLY for the SBKC content. I forward some 300 emails a day to SBKC, and send about two to three envelopes full a month. You send them the ads that come every Tuesday as there are cable and insurance ads in those. Also to save some time download Roboform: Then you can just click the button to fill in all 430+ forms. You do not send email that you know, and they know is spam, IE fake items of what they are asking for. You will not be paid for point blank spam. Just real mail, and you’d be surprised all the things that send daily emails if you sign up for them.

Mail too important to let go? Write return on the piece in question and they will send it back.

If you have any questions, please contact them directly either via email at or call us at (312) 546-4922. Your inquiry will be answered promptly.

  • · Must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Participants may only send mail and email that was originally sent to them (you own your mail) and from members of their household with those members’ permission.


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Join here quote the name Amy Lynn when asked how you heard of this. Thank you.


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