Paid to Write

Being paid to write is a huge blessing for those with the gift of words. But there are some red flags that writers need to be made aware of.


I was recently contacted by a company that wanted me to list them on Annika’s Paid to Write section. They claimed to pay people $50 per article. That was the first red flag that the site wasn’t legitimate. No one pays that kind of cash for articles unless it’s a scam. The company’s website had no proof of payment, no testimonials, and nothing mentioned pertaining to copyright of your work. Nothing mentioned to cover you, the writer that your article when rejected, wouldn’t be published elsewhere.


Don’t be swept away by the amount any website, or company is willing to pay you to write. You could end up losing more than you’d ever make.


If you find a company that causes you to pause, trust your gut! Leave, or even contact the company in question. Perhaps they have some answers that should be addressed.

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