StyleWatch StyleHunters How to Share their Monthly Coupons on WordPress

Sadly if you have a WordPress Blog, the Stylewatch StyleHunters network coupons can no longer properly be shared. So I thought I’d go ahead and share how I do it. I did have a chance to speak to them on the phone about this and they said they would look into it. Three months later no change. So though this is time consuming it does work.

Click new post, and click on text. Copy and paste the below:

<img src=”Put image link here” alt=”” width=”150″ /> Text beside the coupon. <a href=”Link beside the text” target=”_blank”> Link beside the text </a>

In the StyleWatch StyleHunters network, you will need to right click the image and get location (the link of where the image is hosted.

Be sure to put the text where you put the image location. You then highlight the text press control C (which means copy) then press control V (paste) where that text goes above. Then right click the link in the StyleWatch StyleHunters Network and then paste it in the link text area above. It’s a lot of back and forth but it gives you the same layout as I’ve been using all these months and what StyleWatch Style Hunters use to do for us!

I find it best to do it in office or notepad. This way you don’t have to get lost with placing it into your blog.

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