Review: SinuOrega & OregaSpray

IMG_1606I received The Power of Nature OregaSpray, and SinuOrega. Perfect timing too because apparently I’m having allergy issues that I’ve never had before! I saw a doctor before I started using the product which confirmed what I’m suffering from is allergies.

I was really blown away with how the OregaSpray does just about everything! Seriously, I’m not joking, here’s the list on the back of the bottle. Completely natural and edible, multipurpose spray. You can use it as a vegetable wash, air cleanser, hand cleaner, toothbrush spray, food cleaner, environmental spray, odor neutralizer, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, pet deodorizer, body or foot deodorant, public disinfectant, breath freshener. And boy is it a breath freshener! A bit shocking it’s so strong, in fact I don’t even recommend using it that way lol.

SinuOrega I enjoyed! At first I was blown away by the burn but it only lasted a couple seconds then every breath after that I got to smell the herbs. It was refreshing!

Unlike Neti Pots and Saline Sprays, SinuOrega not only offers allergy sufferers immediate relief from congestion and sneezing by cleansing the sinuses, but it also protects the sinuses from future irritation. Made from all natural ingredients and essential oils, including oregano and pure sea salt spring water, SinuOrega is naturally the best choice in seasonal allergy relief and prevention.

More about North American Herb and Spice: North American Herb and Spice was founded by Judy Kay Gray, MS in 1999 on the idea that raw whole foods hold the key to maintaining optimal health. Selecting only the highest quality in natural ingredients from remote regions of the world, North American Herb and Spice offers over 130 unique and naturally powerful products. Other popular, truly natural products and remedies made from spice, herb and fruit extracts include OregaMax, Oregonal and ChagaMax. Visit:

These make the perfect pairing for avoiding seasonal allergies and other types of yucky bugs out there.

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