Review Sheer Cover Studio Makeup

I volunteered to review Sheer Cover Studio Makeup via ModernMom. Brooke Burke was plastered all over this.

Step one – Conceal. Conceal & brighten trio concealer with the Sheer Cover Studio Conealer Brush.

Step two brighten. – Conceal& brighten trio-brightener.

Step three cover. – Perfect shade mineral foundation with Sheer Cover Studio Foundation Brush.

Step four illuminate. – Sun Kissed Bronzing minerals with Sheer Cover Studio Foundation Brush.

Step five lengthen. – Lengthening mascara lash extending fibers and lengthening mascara.

With the tips supplied I was able to easily and quickly apply the Sheer Cover Studio Makeup.

I was supplied with a “free gift” of the brushes needed to complete this review. There was also a complete price guide. The only thing missing from the kit which I found extremely odd was a before and after photo of dear old Brooke Burke. Why would you have her plastered all over it without a before and after? Kind of defeats the purpose of even using her when you have average ordinary people with before and after photos. I’ve never seen Brooke Burke without tons of make up so I have no idea how she looked before she used the product.

The tips made it easy to apply. Like when you are doing the mascara it says to move quickly before it dries so the fibers stick. Great tip that I’m sure people wouldn’t have known before hand (unless you are a crafter lol.)

Over all, I was very impressed. Loved the mascara and lengthen bit best.

You can enter the giveaway here:


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