Life Change

I’ve not been posting much on social media much these days because I had a life changing experience take place.

For over eight years I’ve been in agony, thinking I was going to die in pain. I did experience three days of bliss that felt like heaven. So I held out hope that I was on the path to recovery. Instead I was on the path of death. I ended up turning jaundice something fierce. At that point we knew I had no choice but to go to the ER.

In the ER they discovered I had several gallstones and an inflamed pancreas. They couldn’t operate until the inflammation went down. This meant yet another week not eating. I had already not eaten for two weeks.

They removed my gallbladder and stones completely on my birthday no less! I woke up no longer in pain. The surgeon informed me that my gallbladder was inflamed as well and was ten inches long instead of the usual one.

Since the surgery, it’s as though a veil has been lifted from my eyes and a weight from my back. I’ve been able to go over work I previously done and discovered rookie mistakes. The kind of mistakes I would have never made with a clear mind! I’ve been more focused, more full of life, and less likely to be on my computer.

My computer seemed like the only place I could be to somewhat forget the level of pain I was in. Instead of suffering in bed everyday I felt I had to push through. That God had work for me to do. After all Paul had a thorn that wasn’t to be removed. So I felt that was mine as well. No doctor knew what was wrong. It took one MRI, two CT scans, blood work, and two X-rays for them to get a clue.

I’ve been outside of the house every single day since my surgery. I’ve been enjoying summer like never before! I’ve been working on projects on the house like on a mission.

I praise and thank God for providing a means to an end. I thank God everyday for changing my life completely. I don’t feel worthy, but I welcome the blessing. Now I can be, and do more than ever before!

I’m sure as winter comes and it’s too cold to move I’ll be back to posting. In the mean time I hope everyone got to enjoy their summer! ❤

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