Rite Aid Pharmacy Mistakes

After getting mandatory health insurance which I felt was a waste not using I got surgery, moles removed, a physical, blood work you name it! Well during all this I received several prescriptions I got filled at my local Rite Aid on Waterloo Road in Akron.

One of the major times I went to Rite Aid was being released from the hospital, I couldn’t walk very far without nearly passing out. I should have been on oxygen but I was to see my doctor several days later who discovered my Bronchitis was quickly progressing. Well we decided to go through the Rite Aid drive thru to make it easier. We were then told, going through the drive thru and dropping off the prescription would cause us to have to wait two hours. If we were to go inside it would take fifteen minutes. I called out the manager who confirmed this to be true. I simply could not walk in, heck I couldn’t walk across my living room without being lightheaded.

August 14th 2014 I went to that same Rite Aid. This time my doctor said he sent the prescription over and I can pick it up in about fifteen minutes or so. The location of my doctor is out in Green which is a ten minute expressway drive. Well we didn’t go home directly. Instead we went to the Home Depot, then to McDonalds where we decided to eat in. Clearly well over the fifteen minutes, in fact it was more about thirty five to maybe even forty five. Well once again we were left waiting well over fifteen minutes with no one else inside waiting too. They didn’t even pick up the order to fill. This was not the first time, nor the second, nor even the third time waiting around Rite Aid after a prescription has either been called in or emailed.

Frustrated I asked the Rite Aid Pharmacy staff why I CONSTANLTY have to wait when it’s been sent in well ahead of the time I show up. They claimed that it could take up to an hour for them to get it. Added to that, three times so far and counting they don’t even have the prescription I’m there to get!

So I decided fine the staff can blame computers, I’m taking this to Twitter. And I did JUST THAT. RiteAid tweeted me back and DM’d. Asking for the store’s location and my number and also offering an apology. Rite Aid never did call, well at least as of yet.

There is a Walgreen’s Pharmacy TWO buildings away. There is a Marc’s Pharmacy across the street and a Giant Eagle Pharmacy who keeps offering me $50 free gas. With this much competition is it wise to act like this?

UPDATE: Rite aid finally called me and shared how it does not take 2 hours in the drive thru and she would be calling the staff to address that. Claimed that some staff seem to think people who go through the drive thru are lazy which is not the case. Its for people like me who are simply could not go inside. As much comfort as she tried to offer, one more mistake and I’m leaving Rite Aid and will let them know why.

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