How to Quickly Earn Points with Moms Meet

  1. Complete ALL quests.3
  2. Invite via Twitter, or Facebook 10 times a day. (Resets every 24 hours.)2
  3. Share via Twitter, Facebook AND Pinterest 10 times a day each network. (Resets every 24 hours.)1
  4. Comment on any blog, event, article, etc 10 times a day. (Resets every 24 hours.)4
  5. Take part in webinars! Be sure to log in first!
  6. Upload pictures, this aids in you being selected for parties.
  7. Apply to be a host of a party, and be accepted! Complete all the tasks requested.
  8. Have friends and family sign up!
  9. Watch videos, and download coupons.

I’m sure there are more ways to earn so please feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to share and help others too.

Not a part of Moms Meet? Join here:

Note: Prizes change often. Prizes sell out quickly!

Tip:  click images to see them larger.

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