Market Research Pass It On, On Second Thought Remove It!

I can’t tell you how many emails those that help Annika’s and myself receive a day asking us to pass it on. Passing on the market research opportunity means either posting it on a blog, fan page, or even our own message board. Many companies love that you are sharing the information free of charge, as it brings in clients that didn’t have the chance of gaining before. Free press and all, it also adds a back-link helping their website be found.

Through out the many years of Annika’s we have received requests from upstanding companies who made the mistake of mentioning to pass it on, to the unprofessional threatening us with legal action.

If you made the mistake of requesting your members pass on the information to friends and family, and didn’t really mean for it to be shared — be sure to respectfully request the deletion of the topic/blog posting/fan page/ tweet etc. Many companies such as Annika’s have terms of service that cover postings in the forum so legal action will get you no where especially when you point blank stated in your email “to pass it on.”

A prime example of such a thing is, K.G. from who sent out an email asking for assistance in getting members with a certain condition to sign up for testing. The posting was in Annika’s forum since March 13, 2013 today September 15, 2014 she contacted us. Sadly K.G. was anything but professional and her communication has been added to the book we are working on. Complete with the screenshot she was nice enough to provide!

Most businesses say thank you.

Please remember, there is no room for disrespect online or off.


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