How to Turn Off Amazon Seller Emails

I shop a ton on Amazon and I love it. What I have never loved was the nagging from sellers for feedback or whatever reason they saw necessary. Many Amazon sellers email directly through Amazon to make sure it doesn’t go to your junk box. Some take it upon themselves to harvest your email address and even add it to their newsletter. That is highly unprofessional and you better believe I let them know.


Recently I got to the end of my rope with sellers nagging me for various things, so I called Amazon and asked them if there was a way to turn these off. The funny thing is the woman said no and even her supervisor said the same thing. But then she asked further, and they did know you can turn off Seller Feedback. I figured if there was that option there was indeed the option to turn it all off and I was right.


Here’s how to turn off Amazon seller emails altogether.


Log into your account. Click on your account under your name. Scroll down to Email Preferences & Notifications. (At this point you may be asked to log in again.) Once on that page remove the tick by Seller Feedback, and Surveys and Feedback. This SHOULD take care of the emails. If however it doesn’t I highly recommend contacting Amazon and pointing out that you have these unmarked in your account and the change doesn’t appear to be working.


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