Rob Lowe DirectTv ads Are Offensive!

I’m shocked that Rob Lowe and DirectTv are working together to insult many millions of American’s. Not just the fact pertaining to cable, but “less attractive” “creepy”. I posted on Twitter and Facebook pertaining to this issue, and found that everyone that spoke up agreed! I tweeted Rob who didn’t reply nor did Direct TV.

This reminds me of the horribly rude Christmas ad DSW shoes did at Christmas time slapping a person in the face pertaining to giving bad Christmas gifts. As though that’s going to make sales!

What is going on with advertisers insulting their audience? We are the people who keep these companies in business. STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE as well as show some respect!

If you haven’t seen these offensive Rob Lowe DirectTV ads here’s a few:

If these links are dead, there are others I noticed. Just google : Youtube rob lowe direct tv ad.

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2 Responses to Rob Lowe DirectTv ads Are Offensive!

  1. I totally agree! I can’t stand these commercials. They are very offensive to some people and appear to making fun of others. I can’t believe Rob Lowe agreed to do these commercials and I really wish they would stop.

  2. I HATE these commercials – they make no sense. The audience DirectTv wants are those that have cable – why would a cable user switch to them when the ads portray cable users as the lowest scum that exists? Makes me not want to do business with them – which I don’t think is the intent of the commercial. Shame on Rob Lowe!

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