BuyBack’s Isn’t Always The Better Deal

I don’t know if you know anything about the store called BuyBacks but they are a pretty cool store. They buy old games, and DVD’s and sell them. If you don’t have one near you it’s okay because they also sell on

I have a massive DVD collection. I like to purchase off Amazon because I love packages, and have loads of gift certificates. I also admit it’s because its quick and easy. Well we were after The Manhattan Project. A DVD used online cost about $3.99 if that! New it ran about $8.99.  

So since a new BuyBacks store moved into our neighborhood I decided to go in and pick it up. Upon finding The Manhattan Project DVD in BuyBacks used for $13.99 I knew it had to be a mistake. I mean seriously, come on! It’s selling for $3.99 used. So I took it to the counter and explained this. The guy behind the counter agreed, it was priced wrong, and said the lowest he could go was $8.99, for a USED DVD! Needless to say I said “No thanks I’ll buy it online for NEW at that price.” Walked out the store and did indeed purchase it NEW for $8.99.

 I wanted to share this because I know BuyBacks isn’t the only store like this, and I don’t like seeing customers ripped off. The smart thing would have been the manager to reduce the price and make a sale. But I guess BuyBacks isn’t interested in selling only displaying. 

I decided to send BuyBacks this, they declined to comment.


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