Review: K2R-803 Portable Charger

imageI received Kr2 technology portable charger to review here’s the stats.

7800 mah 2 USB port output, Dual LED Torch, USB Output, 4 level power information indicator, micro input.

Suitable for: iPhone, iPad, PSP, PDA, DC, DV, MP4.

Simply plug and charge.

I was really excited to get this especially since a lot of the apps I use on my iPhone drain the battery quickly. Plus we keep having power issues here so to have a portable charger is just as brilliant as having a battery backup for my PC and modem! Now not only do I have a charger for travel but in case of emergencies which is a massive blessing!

imageWhen I first got the portable charger I wanted to make sure it was charged. So I read all the directions and then plugged it into my computer. I was confused because no where in the directions does it mention how you can tell if the portable charger is charged. Only on the outside of the box by the square that says “4 level power information indicator”. So if someone were to purchase this in an open/ripped box missing that even though there are directions they would have to guess like I did. Once I read the whole box though I quickly figured it out.

I love the fact that the charger basically doesn’t need charged for a month! And says that in the directions. That’s excellent if you are somewhere in the wild camping per say. An end of the world must have in your kit LOL!

Another thing that I’d like to point out is how well the power button blends into the design. You may miss it if you don’t look close enough. I admit I like that feature but for people like my dad who can’t even find the power button on the kindle (Which I had to put nail polish on) I might have to do the same on something like this. This is merely a design issue that in my humble opinion is minor but worth mentioning. I myself like that it blends. But if you wanted to use the flashlight, and are in the dark it would take a while to feel your way to the button.

All and all, I adore the K2R-803 Portable Charger and highly recommend it! Don’t be left in the dark or left missing important phone calls ever again because your phone is dead!

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