If you use MailChimp, do not let it index your LinkedIn Contacts

Lots of people use MailChimp because I guess its worth the cost instead of running your own newsletter for free. Sorry, this isnt something I can wrap my head around. Why have a domain and not have the ability to run your own newsletter is beyond me. But lots of so called professionals use their service. I say so called professionals because professionals would know better than to allow any service to connect to LinkedIn and allow it to harvest your connections email addresses. This happens everyday whether its referral key spam or MailChimp. It happens.

Without much thought everyday users of LinkedIn click connect on that button on any given application and wham. Spam is sent. Without consent, without concern, and without respect.

I think its partly because the persons doing it, dont see it as spam. They see it as professional communications. Networking if you will. However this isnt how people network. You dont send a mass message to tons of people you didnt even say hi to. Just like Facebook Fan page invites. Do you really think someone wants to be your fan when you just connected on Facebook?

I send out hello emails to those I accept on LinkedIn, I explain about these issues, with a brief introduction. Only had one adverse reaction in all my years doing this and it was a male voice over artist who doesnt work well with others. I dont send it directly to their email address but through the LinkedIn mail system out of respect. The feedback from doing this as greatly educated others, and blessed as well. Not everyone understands or even cares, but after politely sharing they do. The problem is not everyone can be bothered to read their LinkedIn emails before they send out spam.

Ive discussed this at length with MailChimp, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn help claims it places a popup confirming any given connection of email harvesting. So users are made well aware this is going on. Mail Chimp claims they inform their users of spam issues before they connect their LinkedIn accounts as well. That signing up people without their permission is against TOS. Yet they both allow this to go on. Both should be taken to court for breaching the law itself and not shifting the blame upon the user. Simply do not allow this action to take place. End of discussion.

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